In- House Furnace Facility

  •    In- House Furnace Facility
Project Description :

We have an in-house furnace measuring 2.2m x 2.2m x 1.5m which can hold fabrications weighing up to two tonnes.  We perform the heat treatment process in this furnace and in most cases can carry out the procedure during one day and have the fabrications ready for collection the following day. Full paperwork including a plotted graph showing the heat treatment cycle would be provided. As with most machinery, problems seem to arise.

when you least want them to, which can cause your process to stall and ultimately cost your business time and money.

Here at PT. Bainita Heat Industry we have a broad knowledge of heat treatment equipment and can repair the vast majority of products from  transformers to recorders, programmers and thermocouple attachment units. We stock many parts which enables us, in most cases, to offer a speedy turnaround on any repairs sent to us.

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