Programmers - P159 CF

  • Programmers - P159 CF
Project Description :

During the heat treatment process it is vital that the temperature can be controlled accurately. Globe offers a range of programmers to suit the individual requirements of the end user, whether working under site conditions or in a workshop. 

The P159 CF is a single channel, ramp generator, panel mount unit which is used in power source units usually as part of a set of six or twelve depending on the amount of channels in the unit. 

Features : 

  • Ramp up, soak and ramp down programmer. 
  • Digital indication of load temperature or setpoint temperature. 
  • Elapsed time also shown during soak. 
  • Ability to switch between C & F on the front panel. 
  • Energy regulator mode (D to 100% output cycle).
  • Digital proportional plus integral control, for best accuracy.
Technical details 
  • Temperature settings : 0 - 1200C in 1C intervals
  • Rate of rise / fall setting : 1 - 999C in 1C intervals
  • Time setting : 0 - 100 hours in 1 min  steps
  • Thermocouple : NiCr/NiAI, type K
  • Mains-supply : 230V/115V, 50/60Hz
  • Dimensions : 96mm x 48mm x 127mm
  • Weight : 350g

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